Misdemeanours 2005
A Celebration of 350 years of Combating Unreasonable Authority

In 1655 the Puritan Vicar of Lapley took a group of young people to the Stafford Assizes for the Misdemeanour of

Morris Dancing
They came from Lapley, Church Eaton and Stretton "in Penkridge Parish".  After a couple of court appearances, they were "bound over to keep the peace" - which presumably they never did.  The restoration in 1660 made it legal again, until 2003, when there was another attempt to licence and restrict Morris dancing.  Like them, we fought our right to dance unhindered, and we won!

Over 100 Morris Dancers from around the UK attended the 350th anniversary in Penkridge on the 15/17 July 2005
They toured and danced throughout South Staffordshire but all gathered in St. Michael's Square, Penkridge, on Saturday evening, 16 July 2005 to celebrate the anniversary by performing traditional Morris dancing from all corners of the UK.   The people of Penkridge were enthralled by the spectacle.  Our Local Police entered into the spirit of the event by "arresting" one of the dancers once again!  They were persuaded to release him on this occasion and not take him to the Stafford Assizes as they did back in 1655.   The event was organised by John Edwards and the Stafford Morrismen with the assistance and help of the Promote Penkridge Group.

Copyright   Photos - Bevan Craddock 2005