Penkridge Middle School leads the way - our own ECO SCHOOL

Congratulations to Penkridge Middle School who came 3rd in Stafford Borough Green Awards and top in the Youth & Community Section in 2004


The latest Minutes of a group of children at Penkridge Middle School who are not just talking, but are doing something about sustainability in their own community.   They are setting a wonderful example for us all. 


Click here for Minutes of Eco-School Minutes for 7 October 2004
Click here for minutes of Eco-school minutes for 4 May 2004

Here are a group of the children that have been digging up young silver birch, pine and oak saplings from Shoal Hill Common where they need to be removed from this important Heathland habitat. 

These will be planted on Penkridge Middle School grounds and elsewhere in the community

Minutes of the Eco Schools Meeting  - Tuesday 9th March 2004
ICT Room 3.45 to 4.30pm

Present: Thomas Lewis & Sam Porter 5Ga, Hayley Wynn & Olivia Raybould 5Is. Jack Burford 5Wi, Calum Cowie 6Me, Matthew Rigby & Tom Leighton 6Co, Simon Wall 6Kn, Sophie Nightingale 7Hl, Edward Dutton & Tom Potter 7Ty, Mr West, Mrs Shelley and Mrs Brotherhood, Louise Cameron 8Ha

Apologies: Gabrielle Britton 5Bu, William Leeson 6Mt, Sophie Greensall 6Me, Tavis Booth 6Co, Chris Burton 7Ty, Ashley Evans, Vicki Wilkins 8Ha.

Agenda Item Comments & Action (Action in italics)

1. Minutes from the last meeting & matters arising

A) There have been lots of entries, and Mrs Shelley has selected several good designs and a winner. Mr West announced them in assembly.  Mrs Shelley is to start to make the monster board.
B) Letter to Safeway has been sent and we are awaiting a reply. If it is unsuccessful then we could contact the Head of the Safeway Office.
C) Letter to the Council has not yet been finalised.James, Tom and Edward to write a draft letter and show Mrs Shelley.

2. Eco Assembly The Assembly went well. Well done to all that took part. 7 children were invited to St Michael’s first school to talk to their Eco Committee and Board.  Mr West is hoping that the other first schools will invite us to speak to them.

3)Green Day( Friday 26th March)
A) Ideas-Receiving trees for the quiet area.Bring in bulbs from home.  Book exchange; Games;  Separate class activitiesRed noses with green fur

4)Any other business

A) Mrs Beckett and Mr West to form an Eco-Schools display before Easter.
B) Water fountains-Better pressure-thanks to Mr Oakley.   Does the water come from the mainspipe or tank? Mr Oakley to be asked to investigate.
C) Energy-Electricity cost to increase by25% in April.  Makes the monitoring group work even more important.

Louise Cameron 8Br
March 2004

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 4th May 2004


Minutes of the Eco Schools Meeting - Tuesday 27th January 2004 - ICT Room 3.45 to 4.30pm

Present: Hayley Wynn & Olivia Raybould 5Is, Samantha Porter & Thomas Lewis 5Ga, Gabrielle Britton & Joshua Lyons 5Bu, Jack Burford 5Wi, Tavis Booth 6Co, Simon Wall 6Kn, Callum Corrie 6Me, Thomas Potter & Chris Burton 7Ty, Sophie Nightingale 7Hl, Vicky Wilkins 8Ha, Mrs Shelley & Mr West.

Apologies: William Leason 6Mt, Sophie Greensall 6Me, Edward Dutton & James Russell 7Ty, Mrs Brotherhood.

Agenda Item, Comments & Action (in bold)

1. Minutes from last meeting & matters arising

a) Compost bin for dining room has been bought but is not being used properly. Designs for ‘monster’ board (to be attached to bin to encourage proper use) to Mrs Shelley.

b) Letter to Safeway re Green bins done in draft.  Joshua, Sophie & Vicki to finalise with Mrs Brotherhood and send asap.

c) Letter to council re recycling paper James, Tom & Edward to write draft letter with Mrs Shelley

2. Eco Assembly
Mr West has booked a whole school assembly for Monday 2nd February and Samantha, Gabrielle, Callum, Jack, Joshua, Thomas L, Sophie, Tavis & Simon offered to help. Many thanks.  Various ideas for the content of the assembly were discussed including achievements so far, letters written, the quiet area and lights left on.  Mr West to work with the above named children to finalise assembly.

3. Fund Raising Day

The school would be having a day for fund raising on Friday 26th March. Non-uniform day for dressing in green / Environmental theme or as a character from a musical. Chris B came up with lots of ideas here! Suggestions for activities on the day included planting, working parties in the grounds and community, making ‘bug cakes,’ design a logo competition, plastic bag collection competition.  Each class representative to discuss this with their class nearer the date (early March).

4. Developing the School Grounds

Mr West updated the group about who had been in to school to help with designs for the quiet area, crazy paving section and the pond. We are waiting for their plans.  Mr West to contact them again this week.  Other design ideas needed from everyone in school. To be mentioned in next week’s assembly.

5. Working Groups

Litter, paper & cardboard recycling working groups working quite well. Litter better since litter pickers and hoops were placed in the Y6 & 8 cloakrooms. Everyone felt that a new group of monitors was needed to turn off the lights in school, particularly at break, lunch time and after school. A new rota was drawn up. See separate sheet. New energy saving group to begin duties from Monday 2nd February.

6. Any Other Business

a) Eco Schools notice board to be compiled before half term by the main office.  Contributions welcome from all staff and representatives.

b) Water fountains a problem, lack of pressure and warm water. Also soap dispensers, broken handles and cracked sink in toilet blocks.  Mr West to write in the ‘damage book’ for Mr Oakley to investigate.

c) Mrs Brotherhood has formed an Energy Monitoring Group that measures and compares temperatures around school and looks closely at the school’s energy bill compared with other years.  Chart to be placed on the Eco notice board & notices highlighting how much money can be saved by turning off lights and closing doors.

N.B. The Eco Schools committee has received a letter from St Michael’s First School to ask whether some of our children could talk to their assembly about what we have done so far. Let’s use next week’s assembly as a ‘trial run.’

Next meeting: Tuesday 9th March 2004

Many thanks to everyone for their continued support.

Mr West