Contacts for Preference Services

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

The Direct Marketing Association is the trade association for the marketing and communications sector and its members agree to abide by codes of practice.  The DMA run the preference services

The Mail Preference Service

This is a free service that aims to prevent you from receiving direct mail from companies that you have not dealt with in the past.  NB It can only stop mail that originates in this country.
Mailing Preference Service, Freepost 22, London W1E7EZ

The Telephone Preference Service

This helps you make sure your telephone number is no longer available to organisations who may telephone you with offers and information you do not wish to receive.
0845 070 0707 to register     http://www.tpsonline.org.uk

E-nough! - The Email Preference Service

This service is for people who want to reduce the number of sales emails they receive.  To register, go to http://www.dma.org.uk and click on the e-MPS logo

The Fax Preference Service

This service helps you to ensure your fax number is no longer available to organisations who may fax you with offers and information you do not want to receive.
0845 070 0702 to register    http://www.fpsonline.org.uk

Anonymous Call Reject

Anonymous Call Reject stops calls from people or companies who withhold their number.  They will only be able to get through if they reveal their number.  To register, contact your phone company.  They will probably charge for this service.

Information above provided by Staffordshire County Council, Trading Standards Dept.