15 June 2007 - Floods in Penkridge downstream from Bull Bridge and upstream around the new Health Centre

Flood Pictures from October 2004

20 July - EA issue yet another Flood Warning for Rivers Sow and Penk.  As much of the ground is now so waterlooged, it will mean that it will not take much rain to cause flooding again.   AND it is not just the low meadows by the River Penk that flood.  On "The Marsh" (which is within the EA's Flood Plain) there has been extensive flooding of gardens in Haling Road (this land was once Penkridge Marsh).  The drainage of this land was never very successful and with housing estates developed by SSDC (now the Housing Association), it has meant more concrete, tarmac, roofs, etc. which simply put more water very quickly into the system.     Any information (including photographs) would be welcome showing the extent of the flooding in our community.

25 June - More extensive flooding in Penkridge - gardens just north of the River Penk looking across to Marshbrook First School.   Walls and fences underwater and you can just see a greenhouse half submerged.  The River Penk is out there somewhere!

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"Shall we have tea on the lawn darling?"  "Would you get some tomatoes from the greenhouse please"






River Penk from Viaduct downstream to Motorway

ALL THE ABOVE IMAGES were taken on the 25 and 26 June 2007, when flood levels were even higher than on the 15th.

15 June - The Fair was setting up on the field opposite Marshbrook School when the heavy rains came and flooded the field.  The fair had to be abandoned.   Further upstream the floods came right up to the boundary fence of the newly opened  Health Centre and right up to the boundary walls of the Riverside Care Home.  Residents of the home told me it has been up higher in the past.

FLOODS IN PENKRIDGE - South Staffs. District Council have commissioned a Strategic Flood Assessment for their area, including Penkridge.  I have been taking photos of the floods in the Penk Valley, east and west of the A449, showing exceedingly high water levels around the Housing Association's Riverside elderly people's home and the new Health Centre in Pinfold Lane.

I am in contact with the contractors who are carrying out this assessment and if anyone has information and/or photos of flooding elsewhere in Penkridge please let me know.  It is imperative that we notify these people so action can be taken to try and prevent future problems.  (Webmaster, c/o Penkridge Parish Council)

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