Wednesday 20 July 2011

Badgers and farmers will pay the cost of the cull

News today that the Government plans to pilot trials for the shooting of badgers in two bovine turberculosis (bTB) hotspots has unfortunately come as no surprise to the League and other welfare organisations.

This decision has been taken despite overwhelming scientific evidence which has shown that a cull would have little impact or may even be detrimental to the spread of Bovine Tuberculosis in cattle.

We are concerned that allowing people to shoot free-running badgers will result in many seriously injured badgers and could introduce a new rural bloodsport.

We want you to add your name to the many other thousands of people who are opposed to a cull. Please sign up now.


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Thank you for supporting our campaign seeking a solution to bovine TB based on science not prejudice. 

We only need 100,000 signatures to get the issue discussed in parliament, but we think that with your help we can easily reach a million. Please make sure you use our form to email your friends about the issue, or you can paste the link on your Facebook wall or webpage to help us get as many signatures as possible. 

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Thursday 23rd September 2010

To: Directors, Affiliated Badger Groups, Additional Contacts, Non Affiliated Groups, Supporters with email, On-line Shoppers, Donors, Animal Welfare Organisations,

Subject:  Response to Consultation documents issued by Defra and by WAG

Dear All,

I am writing to you in my capacity as Chairman of Badger Trust to ask for your help. 

As many of you will already be aware, the protection of badgers in some parts of the United Kingdom is threatened as never before. On 15th September 2010, the Coalition Government made an announcement regarding the possible culling of badgers in England over areas of not less than 150 sq. km. On 20th September 2010 the Welsh Assembly Government announced their intention to cull in part of Pembrokeshire and adjacent areas. In both cases, it is in the mistaken belief that culling badgers will have a significant impact on the eradication of bovine TB, which scientifically is not the case.   If the respective Governments proceed with their aims, badgers will be cage-trapped and shot. In the case of England, we are particularly concerned that the Government plans to allow the shooting of free running badgers. This will have to be done at night which could pose a danger not just to badgers but to people and to all animals, both wild and domestic. It will also be virtually impossible to monitor such shooting and to check for licences. 

Both Defra on behalf of the Coalition Government and the Welsh Assembly Government have issued a 12-week Consultation document which is why I am writing to you. 

It is essential that we mobilise all those interested in protecting the heritage of our countryside to assist Badger Trust by responding to each of the two Consultations. The position at present is that we are working through the documents to ensure that we understand exactly what they contain. Following completion of that work we shall write to you again with guidance regarding how best to respond. This preliminary e-mail is to ask if you are prepared to help by forwarding our guidance notes to as many people as possible, asking them for their support in doing likewise and also enlisting help from their friends, families and work colleagues. It is our belief that all decent-minded people within the UK will find the prospect of slaughtering thousands of badgers in cold blood, totally abhorrent. Whilst it is true that many badgers will die immediately, some will not and may suffer a painful and lingering death. By responding to the two Consultation documents and by writing individual letters to your local MP, others in positions of influence and local papers, the two Governments can be made aware of the views of many thousands of people. People who care about conserving our heritage, are prepared to vote and therefore may persuade the Coalition Government and the Welsh Assembly Government to reconsider their proposals.

We will write to you again as soon as possible with our comments and guidance notes but meanwhile, thank you for reading this and I very much hope that Badger Trust can count on your support.

Kind regards,

Dave Williams,

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